Confined Space Safety

Working in a couple of confined spaces last year for the local utility company, I overheard others complaining about the extensive preparation that the work permits required. "We have reviewed the work authorized by this permit and the...Learn more
Part of my job working for the city involves inspecting sewers. Sometimes I have to go in pretty deep. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing some repair work in there and I realized something wasn't right. My breathing was becoming more labored...Learn more
Confined Space Ventilated Entry ProcedureStep 1 Verify that the only hazard present in the PRCS is an actual or potentially hazardous atmosphere. This means that no significant chemical, electrical, trip and fall, or other hazard is known to exist...Learn more
Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Carl Habekost breaks down OSHA’s new confined space rule which becomes effective August 3, 2015. In addition to his recognition as a certified specialist, Carl has also earned an OSHA 30 hour...Learn more
A rescue drill conducted at a well known Barossa Winery in August, 2013 after completing Confined Space, SCBA & Rescue training with MSS Safety
Many industries (especially in the Oil & Gas sector) are faced with confined space activity. These functions carry great threats with them. This sample movie showcases the hazards involved when working in confined spaces and also looks at...Learn more
Identify the confined spaces in your workplace as a first step in reducing their hazard.
Carbon monoxide is a poison. You should never use a carbon monoxide releasing fuel inside a home, garage, basement or other confined space. That includes any device that burns gasoline, propane, charcoal or natural gas. Use the device well away from...Learn more
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Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered confined because their configurations impair the activities of any employees who must work in or exit them. An example of this is workers on process vessels, who are required to squeeze in and out...Learn more
The atmosphere in a confined space is an unknown entity. You should always test it before entering. Use a direct reading instrument that will identify any toxic air contaminants. It should also provide information about the level of oxygen, and...Learn more
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