Behavioral Safety

A few years ago, I worked for a factory where they gave our teams rewards whenever our safety numbers were good. One time, I didn't bother putting on safety gloves and I cut myself opening up a box in the store room. I didn't bother reporting it....Learn more
Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,, and Nobody knows everything, right? That's easy to admit, but it's very difficult for safety people to admit they don't know everything when it...Learn more
Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,,, and Happy Friday to everybody. Guess what? It is possible to drive and text safely. That's right. It all comes down to risk literacy. Now, I'm not...Learn more
Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,, and Got a fun story for you today about Marine Corps boot camp back in 2002 when I was just a nasty recruit as they call them. We had another recruit not...Learn more
Hey Everybody it's Red Beard with,,, and How do you revive a safety program in a company that is too far gone? How would you start reviving a program where there is low trust, where there are...Learn more
Hey everybody. It's Red Beard with,,, and How do we earn respect as safety professionals? I'll tell ya, you earn respect by sticking to your principles. Okay?I want to share a story, a life...Learn more
Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,,, and I want to talk about the meerkat principle and it goes by other names. It's not my original idea. It's derived off of a lesson I learned...Learn more
Never legislate from your desk.That’s a phrase I repeat to myself every time I write any type of safety guidance. There are probably millions of policies, procedures, and guidelines collecting dust on shelves because they are just…...Learn more
That was a near miss and that was a close call, a brow swiper. I almost got hit. What we safety professionals call a near miss. And we need to treat near misses just like we would any other accident or incident. Even though it was a brow swiper, no...Learn more
This video takes a light-hearted look at a very serious issue that plagues work sites all around the world. It’s about our tendencies to “work around” a hazard that should be corrected before work continues. As you’ll see, I...Learn more
Hey everybody, story time with Red Beard. Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,, and many of you have been ghosted before? Do you know what I mean when I say ghosted? I hear it from my friends...Learn more
Hi, Bryan McWhorter here from Safeopedia with another safety moment. Samurai style.My first vocation in life was actually teaching self defense. I enjoy teaching self-defense at places like Kansas State University, Bethany College, St. John's...Learn more
Hi Bryan McWhorter here from Safeopedia with another safety moment. When I'm teaching safety. I'll often mention the importance of having the epiphany of how important safety is. Our values and beliefs are so important in guiding our...Learn more
Hi, Bryan McWhorter here from Safeopedia with another safety moment.I have a quick question for you. In your work environment, how often do you or members of management or those in leadership roles do safety walks?I can remember once when I was a...Learn more
Trust, but verify. Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,, and want to talk about trusting your employees but also verifying what they're doing. Trust but verify. I believe Warren buffet is...Learn more
Hi, Bryan McWhorter here with Safeopedia and another safety moment.In one of my last safety moments, I talked about the importance of doing safety walks. Something that goes along really well with this is just safety observation.If I am being...Learn more
Hi Bryan McWhorter here with Safeopedia with another safety moment.I want to talk to you about taking risks. We are risk takers. We all take risks and I want to encourage people to actually take risks, but I want to encourage them to take the right...Learn more
Dr. Angelica Grindle, Senior Vice President, at Quality Safety Edge was interviewed by Carol Bufton, President of the Minnesota Safety Council. Topics include: What is Behavior Based Safety; The role of leadership; preparing your organization for a...Learn more
Everyone needs to think and act safely and leaders need to create a culture of personal accountability and work to solve problems with those affected through behavioural change. So what is Behavioural Safety? Louise Quinn, Managing Partner of Safety...Learn more
The only difference between an accident and a near miss is that there is some type of loss when there is an accident. While the difference between loss and no-loss is often just a fraction of an inch, or a fraction of a second, the fact is that the...Learn more
While frequent, short discussions between managers or supervisors and frontline employees is an important key to safety, it’s how these conversations are handled that will determine their effectiveness. In this Behavioral Minute, Cloyd Hyten...Learn more
Always be alert when using an ATM. At night, try to have someone with you. Report anything suspicious and leave immediately. Fill out deposit forms ahead of time. Have your card ready to use and put it away immediately after using it. Carefully...Learn more
When you are preparing to travel overseas, you should check with government agencies regarding how safe travel is to that country, along with security and health issues. Check if you need special documentation to travel. You should also check with...Learn more
There are four ways to protect workers from cave ins on an excavation site: sloping, benching, shoring and shielding. The method chosen will depend factors including, but not limited to, soil type, water content, excavation depth and width, the...Learn more
When planning excavations, provide appropriate safeguards. Doing so reduces the chance that something will go wrong. Before you start excavating, take time to clear surface debris near the excavation site that could potentially create a hazard. Keep...Learn more
Many potential hazards pose dangers to the eyes and face. It is an OSHA requirement that all employees have adequate access to protection if they are faced with eye and face hazards including flying particles, molten metals, liquid chemicals, acids,...Learn more
Direct reading instruments enable you to detect and measure worker exposure to gases, vapors, aerosols, and other fine particles that are suspended in the air. Some OSHA standards specifically require the use of such instruments. A large variety of...Learn more
Elevators transport the equivalent of the entire US population every day. When riding in an elevator you must follow some basic safety precautions in order to prevent injury. The floor level can change from the hall to the elevator, so watch your...Learn more
Lead is an extremely toxic substance that can be very damaging to the human body. For many years, lead was an ingredient in paint. Although it is no longer a paint ingredient, it is quite common to come across in buildings that are covered in lead...Learn more
Chemical container labels are critical for hazard reduction. All labels on chemical containers are required to include the following key information:the identity of the chemical, including exactly what it is and what different chemicals are in the...Learn more
Accidents are the result of an error that is within the control of one or more workers. A hazard is any behavior, practice or condition that can lead to injury or illness. It also relates to damage to property or the environment. Health hazards...Learn more
Jewelry can be a major hazard on the job. The most common pieces of jewelry involved in work related accidents are rings. Rings can easily get caught up in machinery parts. Another hazard on the job that relates to injury is electric shock. If you...Learn more
According to the National Safety Council, the most common human factors that lead to accidents are negligence, anger, hasty decisions, indifference, distractions, curiosity, inadequate instruction and poor work habits. You can minimize these factors...Learn more
Gasoline can be deadly, thus, following basic and common sense guidelines can prevent disaster. Do not smoke or use matches, or any other source of ignition when around gasoline. Be aware that gas vapors can travel quite a long distance away from a...Learn more
Foot protection is critical while on the job. If you are working in wet or slippery areas, be sure to wear shoes with rubber or wooden soles. Reinforced impact resistant work boots or shoes should be worn in order to protect your feet and toes from...Learn more
Dropping tools from a considerable height has emerged as a significant safety concern in recent years. If a one pound tool is dropped from 30 feet, it will take just 2 seconds to hit the floor. A screwdriver that is dropped from just 10 feet can...Learn more
Exposing the skin to hazardous chemicals is a serious problem on many worksites. Nearly all chemicals are easily absorbed by the skin. This adds to the dose absorbed by breathing, leading to all manner of adverse health effects. Even worse, in most...Learn more
On the site of any accident the first and most immediate action should be to secure the injured and take action to minimize the possible effects of the injuries. First aiders should be given all assistance possible handling the patient. In the case...Learn more
There should be a written procedure for investigating accidents, ideally, the supervisor of the section where it occurred would carry out an immediate examination. If the seriousness of the accident warrants it, a further examination by a qualified...Learn more
The following list can be used as a check for those matters that should be considered when undertaking an accident investigation. It is not exhaustive, but covers the range of essential items likely to need consideration. Objectives – Discover the...Learn more
Independent safety audits can be used to identify risks. The term independent here refers to those who are not employees of the organization being audited, but who, from time to time, undertake either general or special workplace audits or...Learn more
If the job site has a sign stating to wear your hard hat, ensure that you comply with the rules. Hard hats are used to protect you from small falling objects. The rounded outer shell of the hard hat is designed to protect the crown of your head....Learn more
Most of us take our hearing for granted. But when something goes wrong with our hearing, we cannot expect medical science to fix it. Hearing problems are more likely in certain types of jobs, including farmers, construction workers, and factory...Learn more
A sprain is an injury to the ligaments around a joint. Your ligaments are the strong, stretchable fibers that hold the bones together. If a ligaments is stretched too far or is torn, swelling and pain will result in the joint. Sprains often occur...Learn more
Any chemical can be safely handled, regardless of how toxic it may be. The safe use, storage and handling of chemicals requires the highest level of competence and professionalism on the worksite. While each incident is different, there is a golden...Learn more
Your fingers and hands can become very stiff with repeated actions over many hours at work. This can lead to repetitive strain injuries and wrist problems. You can protect your fingers and hands from injury by regularly performing some simple...Learn more
Your best protection against contracting the flu is to get vaccinated each fall season. You should also follow good health habits and use antiviral medications. The flu and colds are generally spread from person to person when an infected individual...Learn more
Know the difference between a primary and a secondary survey. A primary survey is carried out for life threatening issues. It requires that you check the ABC - airway, breathing and circulation - of the person. If they cannot get air into the lungs,...Learn more
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, tasteless gas that can kill in minutes at high levels. Symptoms of low level poisoning are shortness of breath, mild nausea and headaches. Moderate level symptoms include severe headaches, dizziness, mental...Learn more
The combination of heat and humidity can take an exacting toll on the body. Be prepared for these conditions when you're working outdoors. Wear light, loose fitting garments, including a sun that that protects your neck and head. Stay well hydrated...Learn more
Ensure that cargo is properly secured by checking on the following before setting off: weight of the cargo, height and width, anchor points, tie down ratings, number and applications, tarpaulins, and bracing. Also, be sure to remove debris from the...Learn more
Workplace eye protection includes safety spectacles, goggles, welding shields and face shields. When selecting eye protection, consider the ability to protect against specific workplace hazards, proper fit and comfort, the ability to provide...Learn more
Moving machine parts are dangerous and merciless. Keep your body parts well clear of them. If you need to tamper with the machinery, wait until the machine is completely stopped before touching any parts that move. Never wear loose or hanging...Learn more
Carbon monoxide can accumulate to dangerous and even deadly levels in poorly ventilated areas. Avoid exposure by proper installation of appliances and machinery, routine maintenance and service timely inspection. You should also install a CO alarm...Learn more
Change can be unsettling. Rather than ignoring it, address it directly. It may require retraining or even a Management of Change (MOT) directive. Whether the change involves new personnel members, suppliers, equipment or chemicals, managing it...Learn more
Operating machinery on the job imposes a responsibility on the user. You must be authorized by a supervisor to use the equipment, in a state of alertness and fully trained to operate the machinery. You must never leave machinery operational while...Learn more
Kids are unpredictable. Ensure their safety by always firmly holding their hand around traffic. Don't allow them to move ahead of you. Make sure all children are in front of your vehicle before you move your car. If possible, have another adult...Learn more
The workplace is the leading cause of eye trauma with 2000 workers each day suffering some sort of injury. The workplace is also a major cause of vision impairment. In fact, noise pollution is one of the most common workplace hazards. Yet, you have...Learn more
When walking alongside the road, it is a good idea to walk against the flow of traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles. If you need to cross, do so only at a controlled crossings and only when you have the pedestrian crossing signal. Even then, try...Learn more
Share with someone you couldn’t live without and make the streets safer for everyone. #ITCANWAITJoin the It Can Wait community by taking the pledge to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone:
Meet Dr. Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, THE Triple Threat in Safety and Leadership Consulting, Training, and Keynote Speaking: 1) Ph.D. in Psychology; 2) over 18 years of experience transforming work cultures as an on-site consultant, course leader, and...Learn more
Rather than being a weekend warrior, work to maintain a moderate level of activity throughout the week. Whatever sport you are playing, learn to use proper form and wear safety gear if appropriate. Remember that you may not be as agile you once were...Learn more
DemolitionTraining is the one-stop shop for all your demolition training needs.In this exclusive new video, the company's John Woodward (immediate past president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers - looks at the important subject of...Learn more
In order to protect your lungs and respiratory system, you must control what comes into your body through the atmosphere. A breathing mask will help you do that. You need to wear one if you work around toxic chemicals or dangerous fumes. Work...Learn more
Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL's) are set by OSHA to protect workers from exposure to airborne hazards. PEL's set regulatory list on the concentration of a substance in the air. They are based on an 8 hour time weight average exposure....Learn more
What's up everybody. This is Jason from and today I'm stepping out from behind the keyboard to bring you your very first Safety Snake Bite.Today I want to talk to you about the lighter side of safety. Now I understand...Learn more
Hey everybody, it's RedBeard with, and Want to talk today about leading indicators and what my number one best pick for leading indicator is. Now there's a number of really good ones...Learn more
This is RedBeard with, and I already went over my first top pick for a leading indicator, which was the near miss, hazard recognition, and good catch. And right now I want to tell you about my...Learn more
Hey everybody. It's RedBeard with,, and Don't let perfect stand in the way of good. I see this all the time. I was just watching a video of this heroic act of a man who rescued another man...Learn more
There are many who strive day in and day out to make the workplace safer. But even the best among us have fallen into what I call the “compliance trap.” We get so wrapped up in the rules we make (or the ones our companies are required by...Learn more
Hi, Bryan McWhorter here with Safeopedia and another safety moment. I'd like to talk about chains of events. I've done over 500 accident investigations by this point in my career and when doing the root cause analysis for an injury, property...Learn more
I don't remember much about high school, but one thing that has always stuck in my head was world history. Our teacher, Mr. Rainbow, was as good an instructor as any I've ever had because of his passion, genuine interest, and true desire to...Learn more
So what's the deal with setting goals on incident rates? What's the big problem?Hey everybody it's Red Beard with,, and So what is the problem with setting your goals on incident rates?...Learn more
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