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Safety Topics, Safety Meeting Topics, and Safety Toolbox Talks for the EH&S Industry. Safety Moments are 1 - 2 minute topics regarding an aspect of safety in the workplace or everyday life that can be used to start off any meeting or seminar with a consideration for safety.

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Silence Means Consent

If you witness at-risk behaviour and you ignore it, or walk by it, your silence has told that person their behaviour is acceptable. Peer pressure is extremely effective in changing group...Show more

Using Incentive Programs to Promote Workplace Safety

A few years ago, I worked for a factory where they gave our teams rewards whenever our safety numbers were good. One time, I didn't bother putting on safety gloves and I cut myself opening...Show more

What is the 2017 OSHA Silica Regulation?

In June 2017, OSHA released a final ruling on the use of silica, discussing all of the dangers that are associated with the consistent exposure of silica, and they noted that it’s been...Show more

How does the silica regulation affect my sorbent program?

Leaks, drips and spills in your facility—or liquid transfer of any kind—odds are you’ve used some type of absorbent for those types of situations already. Absorbents are a great way to...Show more

Master the Three-Point Contact Rule

I was working on a roof surface one day, and the only way to get up and down was using a ladder. I had to get some tools up to the roof, so I packed them into my tool bag and put them over...Show more