Rolling Ladders

Last updated: May 16, 2019

What Does Rolling Ladders Mean?

Rolling ladders are mobile ladders with casters that allow the ladder to be easily moved from one place to another. They are generally used in storage areas and warehouses to allow access to high shelving. They are typically constructed of lightweight, corrosion resistant and non-magnetic metals such as aluminum. OSHA specifies the requirements for all ladders, including rolling ladders, and covers such issues as the width of treads, the need for hand rails, and the proper maintenance and inspection of ladders prior to use.

Safeopedia Explains Rolling Ladders

Since the improper use of ladders is responsible for a multitude of workplace accidents, and even fatalities, it is essential that health and safety professionals are familiar with OSHA requirements regarding ladder design and use. Workers must be trained in the safe use of ladders and all ladders should be inspected before use. Since slippery spills on ladder treads can cause accidents, ladders must be cleaned after use. It is also essential that rolling ladders should be checked for compliance with OSHA standard 1910.29 which specifies the design requirements for rolling ladders.


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