Protective Sleeves

Last updated: June 13, 2019

What Does Protective Sleeves Mean?

Protective sleeves are a personal protective equipment (PPE) requirement in a wide range of industries and workplaces. Protective sleeves are designed to protect the wearer against specific hazards, and are most often used to protect against injuries caused by abrasion, slashing, electric shock, chemicals or heat.

Safeopedia Explains Protective Sleeves

In most industrial processes, hands and arms are significantly at risk of injury. Thousands of amputations, cuts and slashes are reported every year. In 2005 alone nearly 100,000 cuts and nearly 8,000 amputations occurred as a result of workplace accidents. As a result, workplace safety professionals need to be cognizant of the risks posed and should ensure that protective equipment is available and correctly used. Protective sleeves should be chosen to suit the specific hazards of the workplace and workers should be aware of the limitations of their protective equipment so that they do not become over-confident. Heat resistance sleeves, welding sleeves, chemical resistant sleeves, cut resistance sleeves, Kevlar sleeves or light duty cotton sleeves might be used depending upon the hazards that the worker is exposed to.


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