Community Awareness And Emergency Response

By Tabitha Mishra
Last updated: December 30, 2022

What Does Community Awareness And Emergency Response Mean?

Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) is a non-profit association of businesses, lovcal government officials, and public emergency response agencies. CAER programs aim to prepare the community for emergencies and stresses the need for two-way communication between the public and industry.

Safeopedia Explains Community Awareness And Emergency Response

The main mission of Community Awareness and Safety Response is to enhance public health and safety. Its core objectives include:

  • The safe operation of industrial facilities
  • Implementing coordinated emergency response procedures
  • Sharing safety information with the public
  • Establishing a relationship with the community based on mutual trust

CAER has two main components:

  1. Assuring the community that member facilities dealing with hazardous material communicate relevant information concerning health, safety, and the environment
  2. Assuring that each facility has a rapid and effective emergency response program to protect employees and communities in the event of an emergency

CAER Code Categories

The CAER code is divided into four categories:

  • Employee Awareness
  • Community Awareness
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Community Engagement and Learning

The code encompasses a full range of safety, health, and environmental issues. Information regarding waste minimization, emission reduction, adverse effects of chemicals on health, and efforts for safe transport of chemicals or hazardous materials is made available to the community.

CAER Evaluations

Evaluation is an ongoing and integral part of a CAER program. There are two basic types of CAER evaulations:

  • Process evaluations that track the progress of communication activities and examines the procedures involved in implementing those activities
  • Outcome evaluations that measure the effectiveness of the program and determines whether its objectives have been accomplished

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