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Milligram Per Cubic Meter (Mg/M3)

Last updated: August 12, 2018

What Does Milligram Per Cubic Meter (Mg/M3) Mean?

Milligram per cubic meter (mg/m3) is a unit of measurement for concentration. It is generally used in measurement of pollutants in the air. 1 milligram of gaseous pollutant per cubic meter of ambient air is expressed as 1 mg/m3.

Safeopedia Explains Milligram Per Cubic Meter (Mg/M3)

Milligram per cubic meter is commonly used by the industrial hygienists in measuring air pollution. Worker’s exposure to particulates or dusts is usually quantified in mg/m3. This is a measurement of a certain amount of particulates or dusts spread evenly throughout a cubic meter of air at ambient temperature. Occupational health & Safety Administration (OSHA) has established a permissible exposure limit (PEL) of various air pollutants e.g. Cyclohexanol 200 mg/m3 or Phenol 19 mg/m3.


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