First Aid Sign

Last updated: May 22, 2024

What Does First Aid Sign Mean?

A first aid sign is a visible indicator that emergency first aid assistance is close by or in the direct vicinity of the sign. It usually takes the form of a red or white plus sign with a white or green background and is a universal symbol.

Safeopedia Explains First Aid Sign

The primary types of first aid sign are the original (a white plus sign with a green background), which became the standard adaptation across many countries, and the United States red cross with a white background (which came about through Johnson & Johnson). The latter version is not the technical version of the symbol. In fact, in most cases, this symbol’s usage is illegal. It is only to be used in specific facilities that care for injured armed forces, according to the Geneva Conventions. In addition to these signs, there are many different signs associated with different specific types of first aid, such as a science lab emergency eyewash station.


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