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Level B Clothing

Definition - What does Level B Clothing mean?

Level B clothing is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is chosen when the highest level of respiratory protection is required, but a lower level of skin protection. PPE is divided into four categories (levels A through D) based on the degree of protection they provide. Level B provides the second-highest level of protection.

Safeopedia explains Level B Clothing

Level B clothing includes:

  • Positive pressure full-face piece with self-contained breathing apparatus

  • Hooded chemical-resistant suit

  • Coveralls

  • Chemical resistant inner and outer gloves

  • Steel toed, shanked, chemical resistant boots and boot covers

  • Hard hat and face shield

Level B clothing is worn in the following environments:

  • When oxygen is less than 19.5 percent

  • Atmospheric criteria do not allow the use of an air purifying respirator

  • Severe inhalation hazard is present

  • There is no severe skin hazard

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