Blood Spill Kit

Published: | Updated: November 12, 2018;

Definition - What does Blood Spill Kit mean?

A blood spill kit is used for cleaning and disinfecting sites where blood has been spilled, as well as providing biohazard containers for the safe disposal of blood or body fluid related contaminants. A blood spill kit would typically consist of absorbent pads, a scoop or scraper, a blood solidifying chemical, disinfectant wipes, drying wipes, gloves, shoe covers, face shield, a disposable gown and biohazard bags.

Safeopedia explains Blood Spill Kit

Various dangerous pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis can be present in blood. It is therefore essential that blood spills be treated as hazardous waste, and that contaminated materials should be disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations. Although OSHA does not specify blood spill kits as necessary equipment, the rules for safe decontamination of areas where blood spills have taken place and the rules governing safe disposal of contaminated biohazard materials apply. A blood spill kit ensures that workplaces are prepared for quick and efficient cleaning and disposal of blood contaminants.

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