Northern Safety and Industrial

Definition - What does Northern Safety and Industrial mean?

Northern Safety and Industrial is the largest private firm in the US that specializes in the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and general workplace safety supplies. Their headquarters is situated in Mohawk Valley, New York State and 15 satellite branches distribute safety equipment around the United States. Northern Safety and Industrial only supplies OSHA approved safety equipment.

Safeopedia explains Northern Safety and Industrial

Workplace safety regulations require the use of protective equipment in specific situations. These regulations also specify the features, tolerances, etc. that are required of safety equipment. Organizations that purchase safety equipment from non-mainstream suppliers run the risk of incurring penalties, or even prosecution should a preventable accident result in injury owing to the lack of approved PPE. It is, therefore, essential that workplace safety professionals are aware of leading, trusted suppliers who specialize in the provision of approved safety equipment.

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