Safety Incentives

Last updated: March 21, 2019

What Does Safety Incentives Mean?

Safety incentives are rewards given to the employees for their achievements in reporting injuries, newly detected potential safety hazards and recommendations or suggestions for safety improvements in the workplace and workplace procedures.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Incentives

Safety incentives support fostering a safety culture in any organization. Such cultures develop safety awareness embedded in everyone’s minds and habits. It prioritizes safety everywhere above everything. Safety incentives are to be announced and given in public to express management’s commitment to safety, for recognition of the concerned employee, his or her personal satisfaction and eye opening of others. Such incentive programs may return investments more than 4-5 times in the long run.

The goal of these incentives is to increase worker alertness and curiosity on safety issues and procedures and not to win prizes alone. Prizes or awards should not be so large that the winning becomes the goal over improving the safety. Common prizes offered as safety incentives may be small souvenirs (such as cups, caps, mugs, photo frames, Swiss-knives, wallets etc.), small cash prizes (also in the forms of gift vouchers and prize bonds etc.), or suitable monograms (to be used on uniforms, ties etc.).


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