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Roper's Glove

What Does Roper's Glove Mean?

A roper’s glove is a type of glove that was developed for use by cattle ranchers as a horse-riding and general work glove. A typical roper’s glove is made with leather and offers protection against abrasion (rope burn) as well as water resistance. They have a patch on the palm that provides additional abrasion resistance. Roper’s gloves can also be insulated (e.g., with fleece) to provide cold resistance.

Roper’s gloves are general-use safety gloves, and can be sold without meeting any quality standards.

Safeopedia Explains Roper's Glove

Roper’s gloves are commonly used for general outdoor use, such as equipment operating, riding (both horse and motorcycle) and general construction. Because they do not have to be made according to a defined standard, any glove with a chiefly leather build can generally be described as a roper’s glove. For example, roper’s gloves that are intended for use in construction contexts often have a rubberized safety cuff, while riding gloves are more likely to have something like an elastic wrist short cuff or slip-on cuff.

From an OHS perspective, the primary use for roper’s gloves is abrasion resistance, particularly in situations where a decent grip is necessary. When used for OHS purposes, a roper’s glove must meet the same standards requirements as any other safety glove. For instance, although roper’s gloves are typically worn for abrasion resistance, they cannot be used to meet OSHA’s hand protection standard (1915.157) unless they have been certified via a recognized abrasion test such as ASTM D3389-05.

As a general-purpose glove, roper’s gloves are often chosen due to the superior flexibility and comfort they offer compared to other types of work gloves.


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