Foot Protection


Definition - What does Foot Protection mean?

Foot protection is any piece of personal protective equipment protecting one’s foot from any injury while at work or during movement. The foot is a vital part of our body and since we are on our feet constantly from day to day, they are more susceptible to injury. If a foot is injured, our movement may be temporarily or permanently restricted.

Safeopedia explains Foot Protection

Most common types of foot injuries include the following:

  • Traumatic injury occurs when feet and toes are cut, pinched or crushed under falling objects, wheels, rollers or gear machinery, contact sharp edges, or get tangled in ropes and chains
  • The feet can be damaged when the skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves get cut, punctured, pricked, or are irritated
  • Bones are fractured or sprained
  • Permeation injury occurs when bare feet contact corrosive liquids, harmful chemicals and other substances. It causes chemical burns, skin irritations or injures to tissues etc.
  • Repetitive motion injury occurs when jobs require repeated, rapid foot movements for long periods of time such as machine controlling, sports or driving
  • Burns in feet occur due to contact with high temperature objects. On the other end, frostbite is a risk in the cold environment

We can protect our feet from above injuries by the following actions:

  • Carryout diligent risk assessments
  • Always wear appropriate shoes (Non skidding, anti-static-electricity, metal-toed safety shoes, etc.)
  • Keep floors and walkways clear of sharp objects, ropes and oily substances
  • Indicate slippery floors by using signage
  • Always move carefully
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