Last updated: October 17, 2016

What Does ANSI Z10 Mean?

ANSI Z10 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard (OHSMS) that offers a comprehensive strategy for common benefits in the occupational safety and health area for achieving better productivity, service, quality, profit and other organizational goals.

Safeopedia Explains ANSI Z10

In July 2005, American National Standard Institute (ANSI) approved ANSI Z10. It provides higher management with a clear concept for actions to be taken to improve OHSMS within their organizations.

ANSI Z10 covers many topics such as:

  • Management leadership
  • Management review
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Policy statements
  • Employee participation
  • Assessment and prioritization
  • Planning
  • Implementation and operation
  • Evaluation and corrective action
  • Audit information

ANSI Z10 standard describes minimum requirements for an occupational safety and health management system and applies to organizations of all sizes and kinds. Recently, it also included risk assessment components.


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