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Keystone Thumb

Last updated: November 29, 2019

What Does Keystone Thumb Mean?

A keystone thumb is a type of inset thumb on full leather gloves. It is sewn in as a separate piece, providing flexibility and giving it an ergonomic design. The gloves are tremendously useful as safety gear for hands to provide protection in industrial accidents.

Industrial workers face hand injuries like cuts, lacerations, and bumps, as well as normal wear and tear, which can negatively affect the industry as much as the individual worker. In the last few years, industrial accidents have massively increased, proving that hand protection is vital.

Safeopedia Explains Keystone Thumb

A keystone thumb comes with leather coating on the gloves, and it protects against exposure to heat, cold, and scratches. Sometimes, workers' hands become sweaty, which affects productivity and safety. Leather gloves or keystone thumb is uniquely designed and engineered for industrial workers, and therefore it offers dexterity and breathability to the workers’ hands.

While choosing a keystone thumb, there are few parameters to keep in mind to get the ideal gloves. These parameters to determine the ideal use are cut prototypes—thumb and cuff style. Generally, it is the duty of the safety managers to decide and explain what kind of hand protection to choose. This determination will be based on what kind of hazards can threaten the workers in accordance with work environment, lighting, tools, equipment, and materials.

Ill-fitting gloves are not just against industrial working rules but are also unnecessary and worthless. On the other hand, innovative and competent industrial gloves promise enhanced levels of protection, comfort, fit, and dexterity. These gloves are softer, lighter, and cooler, and they are far better than those used in the past. Based on a recent survey, industries that have adapted high safety measures and have mandated a keystone thumb for workers have recorded better compliance and a reduction in the number of accidents.


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