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Global Harmonized System

Definition - What does Global Harmonized System mean?

The Global Harmonized System (GHS) is a system of classification and labeling for chemicals. This system is agreed upon internationally so as to provide consistency and regulation within the classification and labelling of chemicals.

Safeopedia explains Global Harmonized System

The Global Harmonized System is a system that is agreed upon internationally, and was made by the United Nations. The purpose of this system is to develop a single standard classification of chemicals, which otherwise varied in different countries. By development of this system, one classification was introduced that was used by all countries, which made it easier for the organizations and individuals who are dealing with chemicals.

For example, a chemical with a specific name in one country may have a different name in another country, so sometimes it causes a confusion about the nature of the chemical. By the introduction of a globally harmonized system, there is now one single name that is used throughout the international boundaries and the data sheet on the chemical depicts the original content and chemical nature of the liquid.

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