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Modular System

Last updated: July 16, 2019

What Does Modular System Mean?

A modular fire protection system is a system of fire detection, alarm, and suppression devices that can be installed within a purpose-built framework. They are commonly used in buildings that require complex fire safety setups or to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as server racks.

Modular fire suppression systems provide safety experts with the ability to design a fire protection system that is tailored to the precise needs of its environment. The detection device, extinguishing system, alarm source, and other components are all installed separately (hence why the system is modular), which also allows each component to be inspected, maintained, and replaced separately.

Safeopedia Explains Modular System

Modern modular fire safety systems are generally networked throughout the premises within which they are installed. For instance, the fire safety modules within a high-rise building would all be linked to each other and use a common product framework, but they may have different components (e.g., extinguishing systems) that reflect the needs of their particular environment.

Modular fire safety systems are complex safety systems that can be presented in a variety of different configurations. To ensure that all of these configurations meet a minimum standard of reliability, these systems must comply with internationally recognized consensus standards put forth by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), such as standard UL 268.

The National Fire Protection Association and other recognized standards organizations typically require that smoke detectors meet UL standards to count toward compliance with their own fire protection standards. The functions included in modern modular systems often go beyond detection and simple alarms—many can broadcast a variety of emergency voice messages and have the ability to interface with building functions by, for example, disabling the elevators or opening/closing certain doors to create a safe evacuation path.

Modular fire protection systems are often preferred as a way for workplaces to meet their fire safety obligations in a cost-effective manner. If a standards change makes an element of a workplace’s fire protection system no longer compliant with the standard, the modular system allows the non-compliant component to be removed without the need to replace the entire system.


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