Dry Fire Main

Last updated: January 8, 2020

What Does Dry Fire Main Mean?

A dry fire main is a firefighting system that relies on pressurized air or nitrogen to extinguish a fire, instead of water of a foam spray.

Safeopedia Explains Dry Fire Main

Under normal circumstances, dry fire mains are dry, yet able to be charged with water by firefighting professionals and equipment in the event of a fire. Dry fire main installation is mandatory in all workplace environments to protect workers and to prevent extensive damage to industrial assets and property in the event of a fire.

To allow firefighting personal easy access to a dry fire main in the event of a fire breaking out, specific installation guidelines have been put in place. These installation guidelines are as followed.

  • The dry fire main must be installed and placed with a fire-resistant shaft
  • Fire engines must have access to the dry fire main within an 18-m perimeter.
  • The dry fire main must be located where the gauges, valves and alarm systems of a building are located.
  • The dry fire main must be installed on the ground floor of a building, which allows the supply of water for firefighting to every level of the building through a network of pipes and valves.

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