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Last updated: December 11, 2019

What Does Gauntlets Mean?

Gauntlets are a pair of protective gloves used by workers as an item of personal protective equipment (PPE). These are generally made of metals, rubbers, leathers or a combination of these materials. Gauntlets are abrasion resistant, protective against temperature, sudden hits, punches and metal impacts. Workers in construction, auto repair, equipment repair, stamping, working with metals, plumbing and cutting use gauntlets to save their hands and fingers from accidental injuries.

Safeopedia Explains Gauntlets

Gauntlets were used by soldiers in ancient days to save their hands in combat, and a demi-gauntlet was used to protect the back of the hands and the wrists. Today, there are many types of industrial gauntlets that are used in the workplace.

General types of gauntlets include:

  • Leather gauntlets - made of leather and used for metal handling

  • Medieval gauntlets - made of steel and have a steel net used as protection from cuts, metal punches or impact hazards

  • Rubber gauntlets - made of rubber PVC and used specially during chemical handling and electrical repairs

  • Motorcycle / vintage gauntlets - made of leather with fleece /sheep wool lining and a zipper closer

  • Welding gauntlets - made of leather and fabric lining and are used during welding

  • White gauntlets- made of leather and used by military during parades


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