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Organizational Behavior

Last updated: March 25, 2019

What Does Organizational Behavior Mean?

Organizational behavior is an examination of individual and team behavior within a workplace or organization. It is the examination of human behavior and it's impact on work performance, especially in areas regarding motivation, leadership, communication, and organization.

Safeopedia Explains Organizational Behavior

Two perspectives are used to examine organizational behavior, which include internal and external perspectives. An internal perspective involves examining an individual's thoughts, feelings, perspectives and beliefs and their effect on the individual's performance. An external perspective takes into account the effect of external events and environmental factors on an individual's performance.

In applying health and safety plans it is important to take into account organizational behavior. This will affect the smooth running of a safety plan. It will aid in motivating employees in a workplace to follow a safety plan effectively and lay the foundation for an organized work structure for following safety plans. It will also assist in creating good communication, training and leadership for the application of health and safety in a workplace. It will also help a workplace to develop a safety culture.


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