First Responders Reaction Time

Last updated: May 12, 2017

What Does First Responders Reaction Time Mean?

First responders reaction time involves the length of time it takes for emergency services to arrive at the scene of an incident. There is no federal law instituting a maximum first responder reaction time, though there are some contractual agreements between EMS providers and political subdivisions. The majority of these stipulate eight minutes as the standard response time. Response times are driven by consensus standards, and compliance with these standards is voluntary.

Safeopedia Explains First Responders Reaction Time

First responder reaction time is especially vital with regard to cases of cardiac arrest. Early defibrillation and ALS intervention is critical to the survival of the patient. According to the American Heart Association, brain death and permanent death start to occur 4 to 6 minutes after someone has experienced a cardiac arrest. However, cardiac arrest can be reversible if treated within a few minutes with and electric shock along with ALS treatment to restore normal heartbeat.


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