1st Exposure Time

Definition - What does 1st Exposure Time mean?

1st exposure time is the length of time that a person is initially exposed to a hazardous substance. In the workplace, employees may be exposed to noise, chemicals, gasses or other substances, such as asbestos. In many cases, there are no detectable signs of contamination in the body during the initial exposure time. In the United States, there is a permissible exposure limit (PEL) for exposure by an employee to a chemical substance or an environmental agent such as noise.

Safeopedia explains 1st Exposure Time

1st exposure time to chemicals should be immediately treated with rinsing and flushing with water for 20 minutes. The manufacturer of the chemical may also suggest the application of a cleansing agent such as an abrasive soap. For a long time, oxygen has been used to treat chemical exposure. Recently, concerns have been raised about this practice. However, oxygen should be administered in cases of exposure to displace oxygen in the air, reducing the amount of oxygen in the air.

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