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Safety Engineering

Last updated: November 12, 2018

What Does Safety Engineering Mean?

Safety engineering is a field of engineering that deals with accident prevention, reducing the risks associated with human error, and deriving safety benefits from engineered systems and designs.

It is associated with industrial engineering and system engineering and applied to manufacturing, public works and product designs to make safety an integral part of operations.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Engineering

The purpose of safety engineering is to control risk by reducing or completely eliminating it. It also aims to reduce the rate of failures and if failure does occur, it is not life threatening. Safety engineering usually begins during the design of a system or product development.

Safety engineers often make use of computer models, prototypes, or recreations of a situations to assess the hazards and risks. Safety engineers consider a number of factors that may affect the safety of a situation or product, including design, technical safety, material reliability, legislation, and human factors.


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