Combustion Point

Last updated: August 12, 2018

What Does Combustion Point Mean?

The combustion point of a particular substance refers to the lowest temperature at which that substance vaporizes to become a flammable mixture in air. At the combustion point, the vapour from a particular substance can ignite when mixed with air. Below the combustion point it cannot ignite. The temperature of a substance must reach combustion point or higher to form a combustable vapour and ignite in air. Combustion point might also be referred to as a flash point.

Safeopedia Explains Combustion Point

The combustion or flash point of a substance is used as an indication of how easily it will burn. Chemicals with higher combustion points or flash points are less flammable or hazardous than those with lower combustion points or flash points. In addition to flash points there are fire points, which are determined in a lab. This point is when the temperature of a substance is high enough to cause, not just a flash, but a continuous flame.


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