Physical Deformation

Published: | Updated: April 10, 2019;

Definition - What does Physical Deformation mean?

Physical deformation is as a change in shape of a particular object or a physical body under the action of applied forces, or due to stress placed on it. This stress may come in different forms including physical stress or chemical stress. Physical deformity among animals, plants or humans can have a number of causes and effects.

Safeopedia explains Physical Deformation

Deformity among animals and humans can have a number of causes. These include genetic mutation often caused by chemicals or radiation, damage to the fetus or uterus during pregnancy, complications at birth, a growth or hormone disorder, reconstructive surgery following a serious injury such as a severe burn, arthritis or any rheumatoid disorder, fractured bones healing without being set properly, paralysis, muscle imbalance, and application of powerful external forces. Most deformities in humans occur during pregnancy.

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