Flashback Arrester


Definition - What does Flashback Arrester mean?

A flashback arrester is a mechanical device fitted to a gas welding pipe system that resists flame transmission from the nozzle back into the gas cylinder. This function prevents the gas cylinders from accidentally exploding.

Safeopedia explains Flashback Arrester

Flashback arresters are used in gas welding pipes running from gas cylinders to the nozzles. There are two types of flashback arresters, namely, dry and wet. A dry flashback arrester works in three ways:

  • Stopping the fuel flow by a non-return valve

  • Stopping flame from passing towards the cylinder by a hollow cylindrical filter made of stainless steel

  • Stopping the gas mixture from backward travel by a thermal cutoff valve (integrated plastic seal)

The wet type of flashback arrester is basically a liquid, usually water, barrier. It uses the principle of a siphon to stop and extinguish the flame. The wet type has some disadvantages. Disadvantages include, it works in only one direction, it is larger than the dry type, and the liquid level needs to be checked frequently. These are, however, very suitable for large and fixed installations.

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