Detonation Flame Arrester

Last updated: March 9, 2019

What Does Detonation Flame Arrester Mean?

A detonation flame arrester is a passive mechanical device fitted to a hydrocarbon or other combustible storage tank nozzle or pipe system that allows the passage of vapor under normal operating conditions, but resists and extinguishes any flame transmission at supersonic velocity or detonation. Such a function protects the storage tank and equipment within the piping system from any accidental explosion.

A detonation flame arrester is also known as a detonation arrester.

Safeopedia Explains Detonation Flame Arrester

Detonation flame arresters are used in petroleum, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants. A detonation flame arrester removes heat from the flame as it tries to pass through the pipes. It can resist high pressure shockwaves traveling at supersonic velocity.

A detonation flame arrester is made up of layers of metal ribbons with crimped corrugations. Normally, it permits the flow of vapor, but prohibits any flame from moving back to the tank. A variety of detonation flame arresters are available depending on the location of the arrester in respect to the storage tank or equipment and the vapor properties.



Detonation Arrester

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