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Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)

Last updated: June 17, 2017

What Does Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Mean?

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) was introduced by the National Ski Patrol in the 1980s. Its main aim is to provide certification in first aid, as well as the provision of pre-hospital care and treatment for possible injuries in non-urban settings.

OEC technicians are first responders to medical emergencies in outdoor environments such as ski resorts, wilderness areas, and whitewater-rafting events.

Safeopedia Explains Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)

Outdoor Emergency Care technicians must attend annual OEC refresher courses in order to keep their certification. They are trained to understand the medical, legal, and ethical issues related to providing first aid and are taught to be mindful of consent and refusal of care.

Injuries handled by Outdoor Emergency Care technicians typically include fractures, sprains, bleeding, injuries, and medical concerns that are the result of anaphylaxis, acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), and hypoglycemia (diabetes).


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