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Life Savers

Last updated: June 10, 2017

What Does Life Savers Mean?

Life savers are people who are charged with saving lives on beaches and in pools and keeping people safe around water. The majority of beach life savers are volunteers.

Life savers receive training in communication, surf awareness, first aid, resuscitation, and rescue techniques.

Safeopedia Explains Life Savers

Life savers make use of a range of tools in their life-saving work. These include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which are modified quad bikes. ATVs can get the life saver to his or her destination very quickly, often traveling over sand.

The life saver will usually have a rescue tube, which can be dragged behind him or her while swimming out to the person who is having difficulty in the water. A rescue board is also used, giving the distressed swimmer something to grab onto.

More extensive training is available for life savers in such topics as advanced first aid, radio communications, resuscitation techniques, advanced rescue procedures, and power-craft operation.


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