Last updated: May 5, 2019

What Does Dosimeter Mean?

A dosimeter is a device that measures the level of exposure to ionizing radiation. They are primarily used in human radiation protection and the measurement of radiation dosage in medical and industrial processes.

Workers who are exposed to radiation are required to wear a dosimeter in order to obtain a record of their exposure.

Safeopedia Explains Dosimeter

All employees of a company who are exposed to ionizing radiation as part of their work duties are legally required to have and use a dosimeter.

Depending on their type of work and typical exposure, they could be required to wear a:

  • Personal dosimeter, which is assigned to a specific person, non-transferable, and mandatory for all workers exposed to ionizing radiation
  • Operational dosimeter, which is complementary, can be assigned to one person or in "pool" mode, and required only for certain activities or high radiation areas
  • Extremities dosimeter, which is used when high local doses are expected to certain areas, such as the hands or eyes, and worn if required by the Radiation Protection Group

A personal dosimeter is made up of two separate dosimeters. The first one is to measure the levels of beta and gamma radiation. The second dosimeter measures the level of neutron radiation.



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