Medical Waste

Last updated: July 22, 2018

What Does Medical Waste Mean?

Medical waste is any waste matter produced from hospitals, laboratory, dentist and any other health related practice. Medical waste can come from both human and animal bio-product. Such waste needs to be properly discarded, as it is typically hazardous to humans. If you do come into contact with medical waste, it is important to terminate contact and be thoroughly cleansed as soon as possible. Regular testing to ensure that you have not been infected by any possible contaminants in the waste is vital.

Safeopedia Explains Medical Waste

Exposure to chemical compounds that are present in some medical waste can lead to the deterioration of the immune system. If used syringes are not properly disposed of, and pierce the skin, it could potentially lead to the pierced individual contracting an infection, such as HIV. In all workplaces where medical procedures are undertaken, it is important to have clearly marked waste disposal units. This waste includes, but is not limited to needles, discarded blood products, used bandages and any bodily fluids used for testing purposes.


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