Last updated: February 3, 2019

What Does Vibration Mean?

Vibration refers to rapid or oscillating movements which, in the workplace, are often transferred to workers via work equipment and processes, such as drills, jack-hammers and other machinery. Ongoing exposure to vibration may have debilitating effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and hand-arm vibration syndrome. The sound produced by vibrating machinery can also cause hearing loss.

Safeopedia Explains Vibration

Reducing workers' susceptibility to vibration-induced ailments can be difficult because many jurisdictions lack upper exposure limits to determine how much and what types of vibrations pose health problems. However, hand and arm vibration can be controlled by better tool design, worker education in tool use and even the use of protective gloves. Vibration isolation systems can also be used to reduce exposure to whole-body vibration produced by large equipment. Finally, administrative controls such as job rotation and reduction of exposure can help protect workers from vibration-induced injury.


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