Visual Display Unit

Last updated: May 3, 2019

What Does Visual Display Unit Mean?

A visual display unit is a device that presents information, events or situations at home, at work or in public places. A visual display unit may be responsible for temporary or permanent ergonomic problems depending on a number of factors related to the observer and the display. Because computer use is so common in most workplaces, ergonomic problems that occur as a result of a visual display are a growing concern for workers in all industries.

Safeopedia Explains Visual Display Unit

Continuous, ongoing use of a computer monitor poses an ergonomic threat to the body, including temporary eye and muscle strain, fatigue and headache, as well as the potential for long-term postural issues. A numerous factors contribute to this, including the observer’s age, physical condition, habits, position, duration of observation and distance from the display. The display’s location, aspect in relation to the observer’s eyes, legibility, location, position, brightness, contrast, color and other environmental factors also play a role. Ergonomic computing setups are becoming more common to address these problems.


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