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Body Mapping

What Does Body Mapping Mean?

Body mapping is a technique to improve workplace ergonomics.

Ergonomic injuries often result from movements (especially repetitive ones) that put excessive strain on muscles, joints, and nerves. In many cases, employees do not realize that their movements could result in harm.

Proponents of body mapping believe that this is partly due to the fact that many people have an erroneous body map - an assumption about how the body works and how it should move.

Through education and training, employees can be encouraged to redraw their body map and, thereby, come to a better understanding of how their body works and moves. This should result in better ergonomic practices and a corresponding reduction in injuries.

Safeopedia Explains Body Mapping

Body mapping provides employees with a more holistic understanding of the way their bodies work.

For example, when the arm bends, twists, and moves, it also typically moves the wrists, shoulder blades, and sometimes more of the upper back. Understanding how all of these networks of bones and muscles work in concert makes employees more mindful of how their body works and how various injuries occur.

Remapping the body involves moving the body in a way that is mindful of the way its various parts interconnect and the way it is meant to operate.



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