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Medical Surveillance

What Does Medical Surveillance Mean?

Medical surveillance is a procedure employed when an employee has been exposed to a hazardous and potentially harmful substance.

Employees under medical surveillance are assessed for adverse health effects, either once or repeatedly over a scheduled period of time.

Safeopedia Explains Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance procedures can be implemented in as needed, such as when an employee or group of employees have been exposed to a toxic inhalation hazard. The employees will be assessed and observed regularly to ensure that the exposure does not result in negative health outcomes.

Medical surveillance can also be ongoing and preventative. In certain workplaces or occupations, the health risks are ever present and chronic exposure can take hold gradually. In this case, regular medical testing might be required to ensure that the employees are not affected by the hazards and that any health condition can be caught early and treated promptly.



medical screening, health information analysis

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