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Last updated: July 3, 2018

What Does Contamination Mean?

Contamination at the workplace is relevant to the occupational exposure limit or the acceptable limit of concentration of a hazardous substance in the air for a particular material or class of materials that is deemed hazardous to human health.

There are different types of contamination, such as chemical, environmental, or radioactive. Each type comes with its own risks and detrimental effects on workers' health and safety. To determine the level and seriousness of each contamination type, the contaminant(s) must be identified, isolated, and studied for an accurate indication of the magnitude of the hazard involved.

Safeopedia Explains Contamination

Contamination can come in many different forms and be caused by multiple agents, causing a wide range of dangers for employees as well as the facility itself. Part of maintaining a safe workplace involves avoiding surface contamination.

Occupationally exposed workers need to have a basic awareness and understanding of the risks posed by exposure to chemical, environmental, or radioactive contamination. Workers in some sectors are at greater risk of exposure to contamination than others, which requires regular tests of present contaminants with the goal of contamination (pollution) prevention.

Monitoring and eliminating all causes of surface contamination in the workplace can greatly reduce many different risks and occupational injuries and diseases.


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