Short Term Exposure

Last updated: January 23, 2014

What Does Short Term Exposure Mean?

Short term exposure refers to the contact of a person with a harmful gas, chemical vapor or airborne substance for a short period of time, usually about 15 minutes. Time weighted average is used to calculate the total dose or exposure over 15 minutes.

Safeopedia Explains Short Term Exposure

Short term exposure is essential to note when considering occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene and toxicology. There are limits for short term exposures, which are established and, from time to time, revised by recognized organizations. Exposure limits are not the border lines as these are revised time to time. Some limits were considered acceptable before, but are now considered dangerous. It is recommended to take all the necessary measures to stop or limit the airborne releases of the toxic chemicals, use engineering and administrative control and use personal protective equipment (PPE) in such an environment. Short term exposures can be calculated by the following equation:

Short term exposure = total dose or exposure over 15 minutes / 15 minutes.

One man should not be exposed to a short term exposure limit more than 4 times in an eight hour shift.


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