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Secretary of Labor

What Does Secretary of Labor Mean?

The United States Secretary of Labor is a member of the U.S. Cabinet serving as the head of the U.S. Department of Labor. His or her responsibilities entail exercising control over the department, as well as enforcing and suggesting laws and standards on unions, the workplace, occupational health and safety, and all other issues involving any form of business-person relations.

Safeopedia Explains Secretary of Labor

The Secretary of Labor is nominated by the president and has to have the nomination confirmed by a majority of the U.S. Senate. Once stepping into office, he or she reports directly to the president.

As the head of the department, the Secretary of Labor oversees, regulates, and advances the well-being of U.S. citizens with regards to workplace safety standards, proposing new laws and suggesting changes to current ones, facilitating the analyzing and recording of job statistics, generating legislation on matters having to do with employment and labor, and presenting it before the president and Congress. He or she upholds and implements regulations and directives that impact wage earners, citizens seeking employment, and retirees.


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