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Scaffold Tag

Last updated: January 9, 2020

What Does Scaffold Tag Mean?

Scaffold tags are a vital part in the creation of a safe work environment for people who work on scaffolds. OSHA lists scaffolding as one of top 10 most frequently cited standards, as it continues to be one of the most cited with several thousand violations each year. Construction companies are required to use scaffold tags to stay in compliance with OSHA standards, and to protect the health and lives of their workers.

Scaffold tags are part of the scaffolding structure, which is installed temporarily to support the transportation and movement of a work crew and materials for construction, maintenance and repair of purposes.

Safeopedia Explains Scaffold Tag

Scaffold tags are used in compliance with OSHA regulations and are used to indicate to workers when scaffolding is not safe. The tags are manufactured in durable write-on materials to provide highly visual and eye-catching information. Scaffold tag kits consist of scaffold tag holders and tags.

Scaffold tags are used for construction and work zone safety notifications, and are available in caution, danger or “OK” messages to indicate the state of scaffolding. OSHA's regulation regarding the use of scaffold tags aim to prevent serious injuries, or even death, by regulating how scaffolds are used, and dictate the safety precautions workers must take when they are working on one.

All scaffold tags can be manufactured for metal and x-ray detection to demonstrate that the scaffolding is OSHA Compliant, and has been inspected.



Scaff Tag

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