Safety Stand Down

Last updated: August 21, 2017

What Does Safety Stand Down Mean?

A safety stand down is an organized break from work by which employers hold a safety discussion with their employees. Voluntary stand downs can occur at any time that employers deem it necessary. They are often taken as occasions to discuss fall protection safety while also reinforcing the organizations policies regarding safety in general. A safety stand down is also a great opportunity for employees to talk to employers about any safety concerns that they may have.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Stand Down

All employees are free to partake of a safety stand down. This includes both public and private companies, government departments, the military and unions. A stand down does not have to an overly organized affair and does not need to be precipitated by a near miss or other perceived hazard. It can be as simple as the foreman on a work site calling a five minute break to discuss the proper use of the items in a toolkit. Some organizations participate in yearly safety stand downs for a specific cause or issue as a means to raise awareness among employees.



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