Arc Blast

Last updated: March 27, 2024

What Does Arc Blast Mean?

An arc blast is one of two hazards that occur during an arc fault incident, along with an arc flash.

While the arc flash refers to the release of heat and light, the arc blast is specifically the pressure wave that results from the arc fault.

Safeopedia Explains Arc Blast

Like arc flashes, arc blasts are a serious hazard.

The pressure released by an arc blast has enough force to damage equipment, knock a person over, or even throw them several feet. They can also send debris and tools flying, creating an additional risk of injury.

Arc blasts are also incredibly noisy, emitting a 140dB sound that has the potential to cause hearing damage.

The National Fire Protection Association’s 70E standard provides guidance for working safely around electrified equipment, including safety measures and protective gear for arc flashes and arc blasts. While this standard is not an official regulation, OSHA recognizes it as an industry standard and requires employers to comply with it.

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