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Safety Committee

Last updated: July 31, 2017

What Does Safety Committee Mean?

A safety committee is an organizational group within a workplace with members from management, the workforce as well as from all departments and staffs.

The committee may be a formal arrangement with weekly or monthly meetings. However, in smaller companies, it may be more effective to have all staff attend a month or quarterly safety meeting. The safety committee will share with management the responsibility for implementing the company safety program.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Committee

A safety committee's duties include delivering safe work practices, developing written safety programs, facilitating safety training, performing workplace inspections and undertake accident investigations. The committee has a mission of promoting a safety culture within the company. They achieve this by providing training to management, supervisors and employees by means of awareness and direct training geared toward the prevention of workplace accidents.

The committee needs to be of a sufficient size to fully represent the workforce.


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