Two Person Lift

Published: | Updated: March 25, 2019

Definition - What does Two Person Lift mean?

A two person lift is a carrying technique that is used when an object is too large for one person to carry alone. It is important that the two people lifting an object work in unison, or they could be setting themselves up for injury. The two people should also be about the same height. They need to decide in advance which person will take the lead in directing the movement.

Safeopedia explains Two Person Lift

When performing a two person lift, keep the knees bent and the back straight. The two people should lift and raise the load at the same time, so communication is essential. Try to move smoothly and as one as you negotiate your way to your destination. You should keep the object straight, rather than on an angle where possible.

When unloading, you should do so together, ensuring that your knees remain bent.

When going up or down stairs, the person who is the tallest should be at the bottom.

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