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Personal Risk Assessment

Last updated: December 12, 2019

What Does Personal Risk Assessment Mean?

Personal risk assessment is the process by which to identify hazards, define the risks associated with that hazard, and determine the best way to eliminate or control the hazard. Personal risk assessment requires taking a thorough inspection of the workplace in order to identify all of the situations, processes and equipment that may cause harm. Having identified the risks, you then evaluate how likely the risk is to occur and its probable severity. You then make decisions regarding the measures that can be taken to control the harm.

Safeopedia Explains Personal Risk Assessment

The goal of personal risk assessment is to either completely remove a hazard or reduce its risk in the workplace. This is achieved by adding control measures and precautions. Personal risk assessments help to create awareness of the hazards and risks present in the workplace. It assess whether the existing controls are adequate. It also potentially controls hazards and control measures. When you undertake a personal risk assessment, you should take account of the methods used in processing, any potential exposure of workers, and the measures required to control exposure.


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