Fire Extinguisher Ratings

Published: | Updated: December 15, 2019

Definition - What does Fire Extinguisher Ratings mean?

Fire extinguishers carry classification ratings in accordance with the type of fires they have been designed to extinguish. The ratings are A, B, C , D and K. The ratings on fire extinguishers allows users to quickly identify the type of fire which an extinguisher will be most effective for. The extinguisher label also indicates the UL rating. This is divided into either Class A or Class B:C to indicate the relative extinguishing effectiveness of the extinguisher.

Safeopedia explains Fire Extinguisher Ratings

Fire extinguishers that are rated "A" are designed for normal combustible fires. Class "B" extinguishers are for flammable liquids and gasses. Class "C" extinguishers are for fires related to electrical equipment, while Class "D" extinguishers are for combustible metals requiring an extinguishing medium that will not react with the metal. A Class "K" fire extinguisher is used to extinguish fires that involve such cooking materials as fats, oils and grease. These are the types of extinguishers that are usually placed in restaurants.

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