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Method Statement

What Does Method Statement Mean?

A method statement, in the field of health and safety, describes the way a task or process is to be carried out in order to be completed in a safe manner. A comprehensive method statement contains the following:

  • Hazards involved
  • Control measures that will ensure the safety of workers affected by the task or process
  • A step-by-step guide on how to follow those measures

It is sometimes called a safe work method statement or a safe system of work document.

Safeopedia Explains Method Statement

Before developing a method statement, it is recommended to perform a risk assessment, which highlights the significant hazards and control measures required to prevent injury while carrying out a certain task. The risk assessment will contribute to important information in the method statement, such as the necessary personal protective equipment, appropriate machinery procedures, and safe material handling practices.

Method statements can be done for a variety of tasks at the workplace. Examples include drain cleaning, forklift truck use, and general property maintenance. An effective method statement should be straightforward, comprehensive, and easily read and understood by those who are doing the work described by the specific method statement.



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