Fume Cupboard

Last updated: April 4, 2019

What Does Fume Cupboard Mean?

A fume cupboard is a local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic vapors, fumes, and dusts. This type of laboratory equipment is designed to protect workers or researchers from inhaling toxic gases while protecting the product or the experiment.

It is also called a fume hood or fume closet.

Safeopedia Explains Fume Cupboard

Fume cupboards are a type of equipment required in all laboratories where workers operate with gases, fumes, particles, or liquids in dangerous quantities and concentrations.

A fume cupboard is essentially a ventilated box with an adjustable work opening. It can be fitted with a pressure-relieving system to endure the excess pressure resulting from an explosion. Designed for heavy industrial use, fume cupboards are absolutely necessary for work with aerosols, chemicals, dusts, microbes, powders, and vapors that pose a risk to the heath of workers.



Fume Hood

Fume Closet

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