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Fire Protection Association (FPA)

Last updated: August 11, 2019

What Does Fire Protection Association (FPA) Mean?

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) is the national fire safety association of the United Kingdom. The organization acts as a research consultancy and training institution servicing and providing technical advice to fire, security, and safety professionals in the UK. As an advocacy organization, the FPA carries out this function through a membership system offered to health and safety professionals and organizations. Additionally, the FPA also offers risk surveying, safety certification, and auditing services to business and industry. Established in 1946, the FPA promotes risk reduction to industry, commerce, and the public in order to minimize the potential of fire-related loss.

Safeopedia Explains Fire Protection Association (FPA)

The Fire Protection Association is one of 28 national fire protection organizations worldwide, and one of 17 such organizations in Europe. The FPA has its roots in the UK insurance industry. While the current organization was formed in 1946, its predecessor organization was established in 1880 by the Association of British Insurers (then known as the British Insurance Association). Due to its insurance industry roots, a primary FPA function is to reconcile the stakeholder interests of insurers (life, business, and property protection) with the interests of government (emphasizing life protection). The FPA does this in part by offering a set of insurer-driven safety standards for areas where the insurance industry deems UK government regulations to be insufficient for business and property protection.

The Fire Protection Association’s system of governance is structured to balance the interests of various stakeholders. The FPA’s board of directors is composed of stakeholders from the insurance industry, the fire industry, and from fire professional associations. Additionally, the FPA’s independent advisory council includes representatives from local and central government as well as industry and commerce.


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