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Incident Management

Last updated: May 18, 2019

What Does Incident Management Mean?

Incident management relates to all the activities undertaken by a company to assess, investigate, and overcome hazards that have led to an on-site incident or accident. Most organizations will have an incident response team who will be involved in this process. Incidents that may be managed in this manner include anything that has the potential to disrupt and organizations, operations, functions and services. This may include negative publicity. Unless an incident is managed quickly, there is the potential for rapid disruption to the business operation.

Safeopedia Explains Incident Management

The key purpose of incident management is to enable a restoration of normal business functioning as quickly as possible. This may involve putting in place temporary measures in order to restore functioning, with a view to later overhaul. The Incident Manager plays a vital role, being the face of the company to the outside world in relation to the incident. Investigating the root cause of the problem is not the objective of Incident Management.


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